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In 1984, Terra Nova Steel & Iron began in Mississauga. Specializing in the distribution of continuous cast iron bar and ductile iron bar in various shapes and grades. We are proud to distribute Dura Bar Continuous Cast Iron Barstock


Warehousing the largest inventory in Canada, we have since expanded our product line, including continous cast bronze bar in various alloys including C63000 or AMS 4640 extruded and drawn, C954 Aluminum Bronze and C93200 - SAE 660 Bronze.


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C 954 Aluminum Bronze
SAE 660 Bearing Bronze - Copper Alloy No. C93200
Ductile Iron Bar
Cast Iron Bar


Greg Nicols at Standard Machine & Manufacturing

Dura-bar Continuous Cast Iron Bar Stock
- 65-45-12 Dura-Bar
- 80-55-06 Dura-Bar
- Class 40 Dura-Bar
- Ductile Iron Bar
- Cast Iron Bar


Ampco® Metal
- AMPCO® 18
- AMPCO® 21
- AMPCO® 25
- AMPCO® 45


- C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze
- C86300 Manganese Bronze (SAE 430B)
- C93200 Leaded Tin Bronze (SAE 660)
- C95400 Aluminum Bronze


- AMS4640 Nickel Aluminum Bronze


- C86300 Specifications
- C93200 Hollow Bar
- C93200 Rectangle
- C93200 Solid Bar
- C93200 Specifications


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